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Video in Triplicate

We built Bystander to capture crucial interactions in three ways. As a video live streams to the cloud and to the city's portal, a copy is saving to the user's device. As an added feature, Bystander can also deliver a copy to a user's optional anonymous contacts. No internet? No problem. Videos will sync from the device when it becomes available.

Connect with Community

Bystander push notification technology allows you to broadcast important messages to all users, or follow up with a video contributor without requiring them to share their personal information.

Private and Secure

Success is equal to the degree of community engagement. We give your community confidence in the authenticity of the Bystander platform by making sharing contact information completely voluntary. No registration is required to use this platform.

Strengthen Trust

Security of the platform is paramount to adoption from your community and your officials. All submissions are end to end encrypted, protecting the integrity of all data. Streaming video ensures that a recording, once started, cannot be modified or destroyed.

Tallahassee Listened, We Delivered

In the summer of 2020, protesters in Tallahassee Florida asked for a video bystander app to share their personal experiences with city officials

John E. Dailey
Mayor of Tallahassee

“This is the first of its kind in the nation, and the first of its kind to be fully backed by a police department. That is something every citizen in Tallahassee should be very proud of.”

Mutaqee Akbar
Tallahassee NAACP
Branch President

“Anything that increases transparency and that bridges that gap between the community and law enforcement, I think is necessary and needed.”

Lawrence Revell
Tallahassee Police Chief

“We are here for our community. We want to listen and continue to collaborate on ways to strengthen our relationships with the community and the launch of [the Bystanders Platform] highlights that.”

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